St.John Restaurant & Bar (Fergus Henderson) @ London

A quick dinner at St.John….

St.John (Fergus Henderson) is famous for its simple, straight forward food. Great seasoning, great execution – great place.

The place is an all day kinda feeling place. No matter how dressed, how old – or with kids – St.John offers everything.

We came after an 4 1/2 lunch – not that hungry anymore (as I guess, quiet understandable…) But once in London – St.John is a must!

Simple setting & great vibe. Waiters are talkative and joking ard… A place to get drunk & to enjoy stable (home) food with great company. St John does not know the word “stiff” – its more or less a big eater place of fun.

A bread basket with butter and sea salt is served upon arrival…




we were surrounded by people who celebrated birthday, a wedding was going on, family reunions, friends who met to hangout on a Friday night, couples who dated,…. A good mix…


Cockles, bacon & lavabread – gosh! – It wasn’t my choice but I would have loved to finish it straight away. Once served…It took only seconds to understand that we will be served damn tasty food. No chance to take a photo in the first place…to good !


The famous roast bone marrow with parsley salad – nothing much to say; it’s delicious! it’s bone marrow! Bone marrow, salt and parsley salad – nothing wrong about it, except the part that its quiet a bit unhealthy,… a bit.


Not a nice shot, but – that’s the cockle dish once more. Crisp bread, soaked in all that marination with crisp bacon and cockles. I would order it one more time! ahh, maybe two times, 3times, 4times,…… its that good.


When the cuttlefish made it onto our table, I couldn’t get the photo fast enough (for the second time), damn good that cuttlefish. Braised cuttlefish with redwine & aioli. Cuttlefish was tender and full of flavour – the aioli is homemade and has the right kick of garlic,…good that there is always bread on the table. Soak up the juices from the plate, with some aioli sauce and – i’m in foodie heaven.


A simple side salad – fresh market lettuce, might a bit to big leaves – but hey, I got a sharp knife…no complain at all. Crisp lettuce & and well marinated.


Simple greens as a side – freshly cooked. Huge portion. I finished the whole bowl – i’m a big fan of greens!


Roast Middlewhite & white beans – simple, delicious & crisp skin !!! Good stuff!

… after that,…no more – dessert! would have loved too, but after such a long day of eating (putting on 2kg on a day) – it was time to rest,…fall asleep in the cab…. Good Night!

A bit THANKS to the team of St.John – we will be back again, but next time I would make sure I haven’t eaten that much before.

St.John is an institution – having their own bakery, bar, restaurant,….. its almost like a life style! Hope they continue all the way.

Time to rest,…as the next days lunch will be at Viajante (Nuno Mendes) – one of the best meals in 2012! Report will be up soon, maybe already out. Check it out!


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