NUTOPIA part 2: “…thru time and space”

Nutopia(Black bg) -01



Nutopia, a very different culinary concept, creates dinners beyond a simple menu. Influenced by a specific theme every time, Chef Stephan Zoisl will creatively showcase his interpretation of the theme through his food in the most unique dining venue. The food will focus on seasonal produce, unusual presentation and modern cooking techniques to boost an unforgettable dining experience that will not be found anywhere else. Each dinner series promises to bring its diners on a sensory journey to a different world.

The second pop up dinner will be hold between 05th till 14th July and will be holding the theme of “…thru time and space…”

The menu is based on 15 courses / nibbles & an installation is planned as well. Music will introduce the big bang & will lead the diner from 10,000BC, over ancient Egyptian influences, looking into the Persian empire around 650BC, a strive to medieval times, fighting alongside Joan de  Arc, having dinner with Marie Antoinette in 1773, looking into current present of our generation & will end with another big bang for the future.


We printed a 9 meter long wall to introduce every upcoming dish & time era of the night.

Photos accordingly to time era (including dates) have been included – as well the key words for every dish to represent the menu.

Image0001 Table setup & briefing.

Panorama photo of the menu – before the first dinner.


Dinner starts: 15 courses to go. Join me for a time travel of a couple of billion years @ NUTOPIA “…thru time and space”…..

PS: the dinner had visual effects beamed onto the ceiling – to give a mood board to all 15 courses. Further to that – all courses had their own musical moments (from noises @ the big bang, Egyptian bells @ Ancient Egypt, folklore guitare @ medieval times, classic music of Mozart @ 1773 Marie Antoinette, Ambient music @ present, futuristic tunes by Amon Tobin @ the 2218 Future till the all goes down with another big bang…. musically introduced by the Kronos Quartett.)

A dinner that used all 5 senses: Taste, Smell, Sight, Hearing & Touch

1st ERA – THE BIG BANG (13.8 Billion years ago) 

Creation of planet earth – planet earth was a solid rock of stone, after transformation from being a fire ball. The first course – “edible stones” should resemble the thoughts of the beginning of our planet.


The visuals shown on the ceiling ….. THE BIG BANG!

1st COURSE: “Stones” potato, eatable clay, garlic aioli

 The big bang: diners to experience the first course, together with the first musical moment and visual mood board on the ceiling.


Edible Stones in closer look (above) and the army of stones ready to serve (below).


2nd ERA – MESOZOIC times (235-65.5 million years ago….)

In times where dinosaurs were ruling the planet & humanity still didn’t exist, the 2nd course offered a pure vegetarian treat. Dinosaurs 1 vs Humanity 0

DSC01351MESOZOIC times … did-an-asteroid-doom-the-dinosaurs_64137_600x450

2nd COURSE: “Vegetarian Pot” avocado, olive soil, oyster leave


Vegetarian pot – avocado, butter croutons, char grilled capsicum – topped with olive soil & dukkah / oyster leave and pebbles of roasted peanuts.

OYSTER LEAVES, oyster leaves can be found growing wild on the coast of Scotland. It’s fleshy leaves are rich in flavour – that reminds on oysters, anchovies, mushroom and borage.


Ready to serve the mini pots…….

3rd ERA – 88,888 BC (Our ancienter – the Neanderthal)

In times where humanity has appeared in rare forms, and animals like the deer (one of the first ones to settled down on planet earth, long time before cows or chickens appeared) … at those times human didn’t know how to use fire, nor did we understood anything of the “maillard reaction” (browning meat). Meat was meat and if it was served – definitely cold and raw!


3rd COURSE: “Raw meat” – Venison tartare, mustard, shallot, wasabi, nasturtium leaves


4th ERA – 10000 BC “Working with the first crops”

10000 BC focused on the first crops. Nuts were one of the most important crops in  food history. Therefore did the 4th course of the night take its inspiration from almonds.

10 Prehistorical cave paintings

almonds-on-an-almond-treeAlmond tree

4th Course – “Almond” light foam (espuma) of almond creme, oscietra caviar

Image Almond espuma served with dry ice installation (background) to enhance the smell on the table.

IMG_6086Floating table, visual effect on the ceiling & musical moment from Giardini di miro).

5th ERA – 4000/3000 BC – The era of bread, fermentation and shaved ice

The 5th era concentrated on the cultivation of yeast, the area of fermentation (to create new ways of baking bread and creating alcoholic drinks) – as well on ice cream. In those times it was more or less frozen blocks of ice covered in honey & shaved…

3.1.4_fungi_2  Yeast bacteria under microscope. food_wheet  One of the most essential crops of all times “wheat” … wheat the keystone to baking.

xl_1377_bread-tp Bread in its final stage – ready for consumption

5th Course – “Bread &  Ice cream” crisp sourdough bread, yeast extract, foie gras ice cream

Image  served in a stone bowl – to fit the time era.


In times were Cleopatra was ruling the country (world) – nothing more is popping in our minds than “luxury” and “gold”.

AncientEgyptDailyLifeDomesticPic_large Cleopatra  Cleopatra / Pretty, power full, rich & deadly dangerous.

ilus_stand_spice_saffron Saffron – the most expensive ingredients on planet earth.

6th course – “Saffron & Gold” saffron risotto, half boiled quail egg, gold leave (22k)

IMG_6545Saffron risotto served on golden plate. Using best grade of saffron to achieve best flavours and deep dark yellow colour.


the next dish was inspired by middle eastern culture & one of the most important crops of those times “Corn”.

alexander-the-great-persian-dagger-of-darius-by-marto  The Persian army – one to fear!Photo mais2  Maize (Corn, blue corn, Indian corn)

7th COURSE – “Corn” corn textures, joselito ham (jamon bellota), chives

The dish had 3 textures of corn (1. custard of corn on the bottom – infused with onions, garlic and milk / 2. roast maize kernels in butter with joselito ham, chives and corn creme / 3. roast mini maize kernels – to give it a look like cous cous (as cous cous is one of the classic middle eastern produce – a small play on the time era).



Caesar, the Colosseum and the big Roman empire have been the next inspiration of the dinner. Roman have been known as well eaters & a kind of refined cooks. A feast of Caesar must have been an interesting and expensive feast. Next to come – Crustaceans / in our case “Lobster”.

colloseum  The Colosseum index_romans_large The strong hand of a leader…. CAESAR.

8th COURSE “Lobster, crab & shrimp”

A delicate soup of lobster soup (Bisque) served with a crab-meat, butter poached lobster, fried Qwehli prawns

Image lobster, crab-meat and prawns … awaiting the lobster soup.

Image Roman plates – to give a more theatrical plating.

IMG_5969Lobster soup, poured into the plate at the table, to assure the soup stays hot.

9th ERA – MEDIEVAL TIMES 10-15th Century 

Medieval times was the first period of professional chefs, hired by Kings for their Kingdoms to cook. The most interesting dish: the “Meat fruit” (Inspired by Heston Blumenthal) was chosen for out feast.

The meat fruit, an unusual creation to entertain medieval chefs employers “the kings and queens”. Turning something like a chicken liver parfait into a mandarin orange…- the meat fruit was born.

medieval - king2 “I want my meat fruit!” the king spoke.

9th COURSE – “Meat fruit” chicken liver parfait, mandarin orange jelly

IMG_6517  The meat fruit served on a wooden tray / with a slice of rye bread.

IMG_6452  Meat fruits – ready to serve.

Kitchen is getting ready for the first main courses… get those pots hot!



One of the most iconic woman in history  – Marie Antoinette (1755-1793) to be the inspiration of this time era, to play classical music of Mozart (1756-1791) & the witness of one of the most classic French dishes “Boeuf a la mode”

Marie_Antoinette_Young2 Marie Antoinette

10th COURSE – “Boeuf a la mode” (Beef a la mode) 48H braised beef cheeks, baby vegetable, parsley

One of the first traditional braised beef dishes recorded in recipe books. In this case we took beef brisket (cooked for 72 hours) OR beef cheeks (48 hours). Served with French baby vegetables and potatoes that have been cooked in beef stock. Some parsley and nothing else. No fancy garnish – its still 1773… Authenticity goes first.


72 hours braised beef short rib


48 hours braised beef cheeks / no peeled vegetables (of course washed) – as it was anno 1773…

11th ERA – THE PRESENT (2013) 

2013 – life took a drastic change, 240 years past by… several wars and something called “Computer” changed the world drastically. The dish for this time era was inspired by Chef Stephan’s palate and his favourite ingredients.

5206654269_f672535f92_b banksy-out-of-stock 2015L

Art moved onto the streets of life……

opct_539b158e51d4a4c2a3c7d0e406186978c4ab58fa Anything can be beautiful …. HERAKUT.

twitter-bird-white-on-blue Social media – changing the world… in positive ways? Singapore-skyline-at-night-540x400 Singapore 2013 – our current location of the dinner.

11th COURSE (MAIN) – “LAMB 13” lamb rack, lamb tenderloin, globe artichoke, Jerusalem artichoke, seasonal mushroom (chanterelle mushroom, oyster mushroom)


IMG_6554 Top view – slow cooked lamb rack

12th ERA – Future 2015(L) COCOA

A short jump into future – 2 years ahead of 2013 lies the dish that will not change its concept (might in appearance and texture). The chocolate test is a dish that Chef Stephan started to serve in 2011.

The concept; different types of cocoa percentages & arrange them on a plate from the lowest to the highest – to give the customer a chance to immerse himself from milk chocolate all the way to dark bitter chocolate.

Cocoa-beans-ikmage-from-fotobank.ru_  Cocoa fruit, beans and powder.cocoa-powder Chocolate is made from 3 key ingredients: Cocoa butter, cocoa solids, sugar – most likely a 4th ingredient is added (milk)

12th COURSE – “Chocolate test” (33%, 55%, 66%, 72%,80%,85%)

Taking several different textures (6) and 6 types of cocoa percentages. Chocolate that has been used is Valrhona chocolate.

33% Chocolate ganache (milk chocolate 33% with cream) – Texture: Ganache             55% Chocolate powder (55% chocolate mixed with maltodextrin) Texture: Powder             66% Chocolate cake (66% moist chocolate sponge) Texture: Soft smooth sponge             72% Chocolate rice crisp (72% chocolate with rice crisps) Texture: Solid / Crisp                 80% Chocolate mousse (80% classic chocolate mousse) Texture: Velvety / Creamy         85% Chocolate sorbet (85% dark chocolate & liquid nitrogen) Texture: Frozen / Ice

ImageImage The chocolate test: 6 textures / 6 different types of percentages


The 6th texture (sorbet) is frozen with liquid nitrogen at the spot before serving – to give a dramatic ending to the dessert – chocolate vapour.

13th ERA – THE FUTURE (2218)

The upcoming dish was inspired by an older (1973) American movie called Soylent Green. An end time story that was showing New York in the year of 2022 – with a population of 40 million….  and not sufficient food – till the Soylent Green became available on the market. For more info: OR the trailer here:

Image “Soylent green is human”soylent green 2218  Some things can get out of control.

13th COURSE “Soylent green” soy milk & green tea custard, pistachio

This custard was done without any sugar – pure soy milk and green tea, covered with fresh pistachios. To be served with a small medicine bottle (Soylent green). Soylent green is liquid white chocolate milk. Sweet up your life with Soylent green.




…..its unpredictable…. the thought behind the next course, predication is not possible…

domo-rules-the-world - the end THE FUTURE?  predictions_NP   unpredicteble future1unpredicteble future

14th COURSE – The unpredictable Future

Dish: Yuzu Nitro (yuzu & egg white foam) – frozen in liquid nitrogen. Served with white strawberries (pine berries).

Image    IMG_5974

White Strawberries (known as pine berries):


15th Time era: THE END…..

everything will end one day….  We ended our dinner the same way as we started it – with a BIG BANG….

(Musical introduced by the kronos quartett “summer overture”)


ImageImage The Big bang!!! ImageImage Our little sweet treat –

chocolate truffle with pop rocks….

Image Chef’s designed business card:

Every diner got a printed copy of the menu.


The next & upcoming Nutopia dinner will be held from 22. November till 1st December & will be a “tribute to Roald Dahl”….. the tickets will be ready for sale in late September. Check it out on:

Toward creativity!!!!


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