Haute Couture & Contemporary Fashion


Nutopia is an educational, social and theatrical culinary experience – an independent & different culinary concept, which creates dinners beyond a simple menu. Influenced by a specific theme every time, Chef Stephan Zoisl will creatively showcase his interpretation of the theme through his food in the most unique dining venue. The food will focus on seasonal produce, unusual presentation and modern cooking techniques to boost an unforgettable dining experience that will not be found anywhere else. Each dinner series promises to bring its diners on a sensory journey to a different world.

The fourth pop up dinner was held between 29th August – 7th September 2014 and was themed Food meets fashion “Haute Couture & Contemporary Fashion” – A dinner inspired by world famous designers.

IMG_3503 Our fantastic fans!

The menu was based on 11 courses with welcoming canapés, an art installation, interaction between the diners & ended in a multi-sensorial dining concept that is all about fashion and food.

We were proud to work with the actual art pieces by artists like Twisted Sisters (HK), Stylestalker (AUS), Karen Walker (NZ), Raoul (Singapore) & Carrie K (Singapore) – thanks to the help of Inverted Edge http://www.invertededge.com, to showcase the contemporary fashion. 4 Haute Couture masterpieces were featured – as inspiration & creative outlet to push the boundaries on the plate. The art pieces are Chef’s personal favourite – by designers Coco Chanel, Galliano, Laurance Xu & Alexander McQueen.(Disclaimer: This is a non Coco Chanel, Galliano, Laurance Xu or Alexander McQueen production & none of their original dresses has been been used for the dinner. No marketing was was done related to this brands).

Model Izabella Bano from Hungary showcased the original artwork on our runway.

Izabella Bano Izabella Bano (2)

The dinner started with Champagne, canapes and encounters of our fashion corner including our very talented & georgous Model Izabella Bano. Running the dinner like a catwalk / runway – it was all timed accordingly to fashion walk, food, music & visual effects via our projectors.


7:00pm – Arrival of guests (Champagne & canapés)

 champagneIMG_3162 (2)

Canapes to start; Singapore cigars, Parmesan lollipops, Truffle cones,… & Champagne

7:30pm – Dinner commence

7:31pm – Chef Stephan to open the night with a short speech

 chef stephan 3 chef stephan zoisl (b&w)

Chef Stephan Zoisl 

7:35pm – Towels to be used and cleared

experience_one pure napkin For more info – Check out the previous blog post “Roald Dahl” or simply click here.

7:40pm – Amusebouche to be served “A designers material – Leather, Skin & Cotton”


 Skin / Cotton / Skin – represented by Chicken skin, cotton candy with smoked sea salt & dried prosciutto

7:45pm – First course to be served (Model’s life – start of projections & music)

“A Model’s life & the exploration of taste”

88 steps of pain & too many ingredients


A play on a “model’s life” – the dish was made with 88 different ingredients (depending on daily available ingredients) to showcase the versatility of a. A similar dish to Chef Michel Bras & his dish “gargouillou” / relating the first dish to French cuisine – the mother (home) nation of fine dining & haute couture. Bite per bite (step by step like a model) to discover new textures & flavours

Steps, steps, steps, steps, those endless steps

walk of models 2 walk of models human-life-wallpaper LIFE & its endless steps

8:00pm – 2nd Course to be served (Coco Chanel)

Coco Chanel / Hokkaido scallops, caviar d’ Aquitaine, truffle, squid ink, tapioca, BlinQ blossom

WP_20140912_13_09_05_Pro IMG_3707 IMG_3712

Polka Dots and Black & white inspiration: Sashimi of hokkaido scallops, savoury kelp infused tapioca, black truffle, caviar d’ aquiaine & blinQ blossom (for some real bling bling).

PHOTO © PETER STIGTER  FILENAME IS DESIGNER NAME WOMENSWEAR SPRING/SUMMER 2013 coco5 coco14 Coco Chanel & the inspiring polka dot / black in white.

BlinQ Blossom (The natures diamond) WP_20140912_13_15_04_Pro

8:15pm – 3rd Course to be served (D.I.Y.)

Fashion D.I.Y / Foie Gras & it’s components

Create your own fashion style:

photo 4 (3) IMG_3650 WP_20140912_13_35_59_Pro HC_poster_timeout_noword

IMG_3527 (2)

Black mannequin made of foie gras parfait, bergamot creme, physalis (gooseberry), pistachio, cherry, fermented black garlic, truffle salsa, butter brioche, slice of pan seared foie gras;

8:30pm – 4th Course to be served (KISS THE GLASS DRESS – 1st appearance of IZABELLA)


Lobster, kangaroo, shatters of glass

IMG_3715 SSIMG_3710  IMG_3711

Kiss the glass dress by Stylestalker (AUS) – Kangaroo loin, sweet potato in texture & glass shatters, butter poached lobster, mango, seasonal greens

 SS9 SS3  SS2 SSsusie_and_rach (the designer duo: Rachel Zeilic and Sue-Ann San)

8:45pm – 5th Course to be served (Alexander McQueen)

ALEXANDER MC QUEEN – Cod, tete de moine, cauliflower, lardo

photo 3 (2)  Inspired by Alexander Mc Queen Alexandre McQueen  AMC7WP_20140912_14_00_11_Pro photo 5 (1)

AMC8 AMC6 AMC5 scan02.tif amc2 AMC3 AMC4

Cod Fish, lardo, cauliflower, white fungus mushroom, tete de moine cheese

vs the genius art of Alexander Mc Queen

9:00pm – 6th Course to be served (TWISTED SISTERS / FEATHER SKIRT – 2nd appearance of IZABELLA)


Pigeon, corn textures, figs, black mushroom feathers

IMG_3604 IMG_3714

TWS12   maria makDesigner: Maria Mak


9:15pm – 7th Course to be served (GALLIANO)


Octopus, iberico ham, beef tongue & tons of craziness

John Galliano – being definitly one of the most creative designers lived, there was no doubt to have him as an inspiration to one of of our dishes this evening. Giving the kitchen & chef – the chance to be a bit more crazy / be a MAD MEN! john-galliano-richard-avedon1 IMG_3716

Octopus that has been cooked for several hours en sous vide, paired with fresh prawns, 48h braised ox tounge, beetroot, charred peppers, spiral potato, charcoal creme                                            John Galliano for Christian Dior. john-galliano_hitler john_galliano_400x300 ca7a2e1b6e63fe609862feb06680b69f

9:30pm – 8th Course to be served (RAOUL) 3rd appearance by IZABELLA


Venison, black mustard, black olive oil, blueberries, Jerusalem artichoke (topinambour/sunchoke) puree,            a slice of the dress made of venison stock & milk

IMG_3607 WP_20140912_18_18_01_ProIMG_3718

Raoul-banner rao-s40006-blk_1__1

9:45pm – 9th Course to be served (KAREN WALKER) 4th appearance by IZABELLA

Karen Walker – Turn to Stone

Yellow passion and the bell peppers

IMG_3571 IMG_3611

This dish was our palate cleanser creating a sorbet that has its bright yellow colour from yellow peppers (capsicum) and the additional flavour from passionfruit. We freeze it last minute with liquid nitrogen, to create the dramatic experience. Served with small little “look a like stones – moon cakes” to follow the artist theme, as well the time Nutopia was happening (Mid-Autumn Festival)                                                                                                                                                                         kwa-f30028-ywl_-_1f      0097karenwalker The artist / designer

10:00pm – 10th course to be served (CARRIE K.) 5th appearance by IZABELLA

Carrie K – the GEAR

Chocolate & cherries

photo 2 IMG_3578Carrie Kveritas-carriek-heavymettel-5

For the first dessert of the night – we had the honour to work with the very creative and inspiring local (Singaporean) artist “Carolyn Kan” aka Carrie K.

We worked on a concept to get Carrie’s very impressive fashion jewellery design onto the plate – result in chocolate gear with cherries (knowing that Carrie likes those delicious stone fruits)

Carrie K - QubeVersion

10:15pm – 11th course to be served (LAURANCE XU)

Laurence Xu – Black sesame & gold leaves

IMG_3723 photo 4 (1) LX1 LX2

Last & final dish of the evening – inspiration taken by Chinese designer Laurance Xu – his amazing creation of the golden & black dress above. Chef Stephan interpreted this: Black sesame sponge cake & black sesame ice cream topped with 22k gold

10:30pm – Petit fours to be served

White Chocolate pralines with raspberry

Dark chocolate pralines with sea salt & caramel


After serving our petit fours, it was time to mingle a bit, have drinks with our guests and to take some photos for memory purposed – the usual and more fun aspect of such dinner.

Nutopia would like to thank everyone who was involved in this dinner – especially the creative designers that have been it’s inspiration, our beloved model Izabella Bano, people behind the curtain of invertededge – without them, the dinner may wouldn’t have happened, the Nutopia team for it’s hard and dedicated work, and of course – all our guests that came, as – without guests and supporters, Nutopia won’t be possible to functions.



IMG_3543 (2)IMG_3523 (2)IMG_3648IMG_3558 (2)IMG_3591 IMG_3560 IMG_3561 (2) IMG_3562 IMG_3563 IMG_3590  IMG_3617

 IMG_3532 (2)   IMG_3551 C.P.W in action! (black)

NOOR / C.W.P & C.P.W

END of event! Good night!


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