Chef Stephan Zoisl


Executive Chef Stephan Zoisl, age 33, grew up in the region of Innsbruck, Austria. He grew up in a family business and has had experience working in restaurants for over 18 years. Relishing in the luxury of having a professional chef as his father, Stephan’s dream of picking up the toque or chef’s hat came as no surprise. As a young boy he loved being in the kitchen, helping his father perform every day tasks; from serving food to washing dishes. Early on he learnt to appreciate that it takes lots of passion, time and hard work to run a restaurant and to be a chef. His parents’ influence instilled a relentless interest in good food and after several more encounters with the world of fine dining – Stephan’s path into gastronomy was well on its way.

After several stints around the world, in Restaurants like Steirereck in Vienna, Fat Duck in Bray, Alinea in Chicago, Mathis in St.Moritz and Vila Joya in Portugal, Chef Stephan settled down in Singapore in 2007, where he currently runs his own Studio in collaboration with world leading kitchen partner Gaggenau @ 61 Tras Street, Tanjong Pagar, opened in 2013. Currently he is working on his personal projects Nutopia ( ) & Chef 2015L ( ).

It’s latest venture is a new Bar & Restaurant concept @ 61 Tras Street, Tanjong Pagar.


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