Haute Couture & Contemporary Fashion


Nutopia is an educational, social and theatrical culinary experience – an independent & different culinary concept, which creates dinners beyond a simple menu. Influenced by a specific theme every time, Chef Stephan Zoisl will creatively showcase his interpretation of the theme through his food in the most unique dining venue. The food will focus on seasonal produce, unusual presentation and modern cooking techniques to boost an unforgettable dining experience that will not be found anywhere else. Each dinner series promises to bring its diners on a sensory journey to a different world.

The fourth pop up dinner was held between 29th August – 7th September 2014 and was themed Food meets fashion “Haute Couture & Contemporary Fashion” – A dinner inspired by world famous designers.

IMG_3503 Our fantastic fans!

The menu was based on 11 courses with welcoming canapés, an art installation, interaction between the diners & ended in a multi-sensorial dining concept that is all about fashion and food.

We were proud to work with the actual art pieces by artists like Twisted Sisters (HK), Stylestalker (AUS), Karen Walker (NZ), Raoul (Singapore) & Carrie K (Singapore) – thanks to the help of Inverted Edge http://www.invertededge.com, to showcase the contemporary fashion. 4 Haute Couture masterpieces were featured – as inspiration & creative outlet to push the boundaries on the plate. The art pieces are Chef’s personal favourite – by designers Coco Chanel, Galliano, Laurance Xu & Alexander McQueen.(Disclaimer: This is a non Coco Chanel, Galliano, Laurance Xu or Alexander McQueen production & none of their original dresses has been been used for the dinner. No marketing was was done related to this brands).

Model Izabella Bano from Hungary showcased the original artwork on our runway.

Izabella Bano Izabella Bano (2)

The dinner started with Champagne, canapes and encounters of our fashion corner including our very talented & georgous Model Izabella Bano. Running the dinner like a catwalk / runway – it was all timed accordingly to fashion walk, food, music & visual effects via our projectors.


7:00pm – Arrival of guests (Champagne & canapés)

 champagneIMG_3162 (2)

Canapes to start; Singapore cigars, Parmesan lollipops, Truffle cones,… & Champagne

7:30pm – Dinner commence

7:31pm – Chef Stephan to open the night with a short speech

 chef stephan 3 chef stephan zoisl (b&w)

Chef Stephan Zoisl 

7:35pm – Towels to be used and cleared

experience_one pure napkin For more info – Check out the previous blog post “Roald Dahl” or simply click here.

7:40pm – Amusebouche to be served “A designers material – Leather, Skin & Cotton”


 Skin / Cotton / Skin – represented by Chicken skin, cotton candy with smoked sea salt & dried prosciutto

7:45pm – First course to be served (Model’s life – start of projections & music)

“A Model’s life & the exploration of taste”

88 steps of pain & too many ingredients


A play on a “model’s life” – the dish was made with 88 different ingredients (depending on daily available ingredients) to showcase the versatility of a. A similar dish to Chef Michel Bras & his dish “gargouillou” / relating the first dish to French cuisine – the mother (home) nation of fine dining & haute couture. Bite per bite (step by step like a model) to discover new textures & flavours

Steps, steps, steps, steps, those endless steps

walk of models 2 walk of models human-life-wallpaper LIFE & its endless steps

8:00pm – 2nd Course to be served (Coco Chanel)

Coco Chanel / Hokkaido scallops, caviar d’ Aquitaine, truffle, squid ink, tapioca, BlinQ blossom

WP_20140912_13_09_05_Pro IMG_3707 IMG_3712

Polka Dots and Black & white inspiration: Sashimi of hokkaido scallops, savoury kelp infused tapioca, black truffle, caviar d’ aquiaine & blinQ blossom (for some real bling bling).

PHOTO © PETER STIGTER  FILENAME IS DESIGNER NAME WOMENSWEAR SPRING/SUMMER 2013 coco5 coco14 Coco Chanel & the inspiring polka dot / black in white.

BlinQ Blossom (The natures diamond) WP_20140912_13_15_04_Pro

8:15pm – 3rd Course to be served (D.I.Y.)

Fashion D.I.Y / Foie Gras & it’s components

Create your own fashion style:

photo 4 (3) IMG_3650 WP_20140912_13_35_59_Pro HC_poster_timeout_noword

IMG_3527 (2)

Black mannequin made of foie gras parfait, bergamot creme, physalis (gooseberry), pistachio, cherry, fermented black garlic, truffle salsa, butter brioche, slice of pan seared foie gras;

8:30pm – 4th Course to be served (KISS THE GLASS DRESS – 1st appearance of IZABELLA)


Lobster, kangaroo, shatters of glass

IMG_3715 SSIMG_3710  IMG_3711

Kiss the glass dress by Stylestalker (AUS) – Kangaroo loin, sweet potato in texture & glass shatters, butter poached lobster, mango, seasonal greens

 SS9 SS3  SS2 SSsusie_and_rach (the designer duo: Rachel Zeilic and Sue-Ann San)

8:45pm – 5th Course to be served (Alexander McQueen)

ALEXANDER MC QUEEN – Cod, tete de moine, cauliflower, lardo

photo 3 (2)  Inspired by Alexander Mc Queen Alexandre McQueen  AMC7WP_20140912_14_00_11_Pro photo 5 (1)

AMC8 AMC6 AMC5 scan02.tif amc2 AMC3 AMC4

Cod Fish, lardo, cauliflower, white fungus mushroom, tete de moine cheese

vs the genius art of Alexander Mc Queen

9:00pm – 6th Course to be served (TWISTED SISTERS / FEATHER SKIRT – 2nd appearance of IZABELLA)


Pigeon, corn textures, figs, black mushroom feathers

IMG_3604 IMG_3714

TWS12   maria makDesigner: Maria Mak


9:15pm – 7th Course to be served (GALLIANO)


Octopus, iberico ham, beef tongue & tons of craziness

John Galliano – being definitly one of the most creative designers lived, there was no doubt to have him as an inspiration to one of of our dishes this evening. Giving the kitchen & chef – the chance to be a bit more crazy / be a MAD MEN! john-galliano-richard-avedon1 IMG_3716

Octopus that has been cooked for several hours en sous vide, paired with fresh prawns, 48h braised ox tounge, beetroot, charred peppers, spiral potato, charcoal creme                                            John Galliano for Christian Dior. john-galliano_hitler john_galliano_400x300 ca7a2e1b6e63fe609862feb06680b69f

9:30pm – 8th Course to be served (RAOUL) 3rd appearance by IZABELLA


Venison, black mustard, black olive oil, blueberries, Jerusalem artichoke (topinambour/sunchoke) puree,            a slice of the dress made of venison stock & milk

IMG_3607 WP_20140912_18_18_01_ProIMG_3718

Raoul-banner rao-s40006-blk_1__1

9:45pm – 9th Course to be served (KAREN WALKER) 4th appearance by IZABELLA

Karen Walker – Turn to Stone

Yellow passion and the bell peppers

IMG_3571 IMG_3611

This dish was our palate cleanser creating a sorbet that has its bright yellow colour from yellow peppers (capsicum) and the additional flavour from passionfruit. We freeze it last minute with liquid nitrogen, to create the dramatic experience. Served with small little “look a like stones – moon cakes” to follow the artist theme, as well the time Nutopia was happening (Mid-Autumn Festival)                                                                                                                                                                         kwa-f30028-ywl_-_1f      0097karenwalker The artist / designer

10:00pm – 10th course to be served (CARRIE K.) 5th appearance by IZABELLA

Carrie K – the GEAR

Chocolate & cherries

photo 2 IMG_3578Carrie Kveritas-carriek-heavymettel-5

For the first dessert of the night – we had the honour to work with the very creative and inspiring local (Singaporean) artist “Carolyn Kan” aka Carrie K.

We worked on a concept to get Carrie’s very impressive fashion jewellery design onto the plate – result in chocolate gear with cherries (knowing that Carrie likes those delicious stone fruits)

Carrie K - QubeVersion

10:15pm – 11th course to be served (LAURANCE XU)

Laurence Xu – Black sesame & gold leaves

IMG_3723 photo 4 (1) LX1 LX2

Last & final dish of the evening – inspiration taken by Chinese designer Laurance Xu – his amazing creation of the golden & black dress above. Chef Stephan interpreted this: Black sesame sponge cake & black sesame ice cream topped with 22k gold

10:30pm – Petit fours to be served

White Chocolate pralines with raspberry

Dark chocolate pralines with sea salt & caramel


After serving our petit fours, it was time to mingle a bit, have drinks with our guests and to take some photos for memory purposed – the usual and more fun aspect of such dinner.

Nutopia would like to thank everyone who was involved in this dinner – especially the creative designers that have been it’s inspiration, our beloved model Izabella Bano, people behind the curtain of invertededge – without them, the dinner may wouldn’t have happened, the Nutopia team for it’s hard and dedicated work, and of course – all our guests that came, as – without guests and supporters, Nutopia won’t be possible to functions.



IMG_3543 (2)IMG_3523 (2)IMG_3648IMG_3558 (2)IMG_3591 IMG_3560 IMG_3561 (2) IMG_3562 IMG_3563 IMG_3590  IMG_3617

 IMG_3532 (2)   IMG_3551 C.P.W in action! (black)

NOOR / C.W.P & C.P.W

END of event! Good night!


Nutopia “A tribute to Roald Dahl”



Nutopia is an educational, social and theatrical culinary experience – an independent & different culinary concept, that creates dinners beyond a simple menu. Influenced by a specific theme every time, Chef Stephan Zoisl will creatively showcase his interpretation of the theme through his food in the most unique dining venue. The food will focus on seasonal produce, unusual presentation and modern cooking techniques to boost an unforgettable dining experience that will not be found anywhere else. Each dinner series promises to bring its diners on a sensory journey to a different world. The third pop up dinner was held between 22.November till 2.December 2013 – themed  “A tribute to Roald Dahl” The menu is based on 12 courses with welcoming canapés, an art installation, interaction between the diners & ends in a multi-sensorial dining concept. Music and visuals will introduce different stories, following the British novelist, story writer, poet and screenwriter – to work on an interactive dinner concept that is inspired by James and giant peach, Fantastic Mr Fox, The big friendly giant, and many more. (This is a non Roald Dahl estate production)

The dinner started by discovering our lick-able wallpaper, having a quick chat with Roald Dahl (our friendly actor Paul – who actually looked like the original – just a few years younger) & some small first encounters of food (canapes) that have been served throughout the cocktail (savoury cupcakes, salmon cones, edible stones & some serious wonky trippy lollipops). Once our guests have been seated – Chef Stephan Zoisl (myself) has given his opening speech to give the diners a short introduction on what will happen that night. Menus don’t exist @ Nutopia – all dishes will be introduced by the chef himself. Visuals and Music change course by course and gimmicks like dry ice, liquid nitrogen, helium balloons, a magic key, coffee siphons & an actor are used to give the diners are more unique experience.

As Roald Dahl himself was a huge fan of caviar – we started the dinner of course with a small palate teaser…. Yuzu caviar. Together with a small dehydrated towel to give our diners some clean fresh hands to start with.

yuzu caviarexperience_one pure napkin

http://www.purenapkin.com/ (check out the napkins)

First course / first story: The first dish was a tribute to Roald Dahl himself, the food – he liked the most “Caviar”. Served was a dish introducing 3 types of caviar, the original caviar taken from sturgeon – sevruga caviar, the men made caviar from olive oil & lastly caviar d’escargot – snail caviar. The caviar was served on a sashimi of hokkaido scallops, pickled cucumber, dill, oyster leaves, 3 types of caviar, powdered olive oil & a vinaigrette of parsley and dill.    IMG_7760WP_20131205_22_35_49_Pro__highresCaviar d’escargots

Once the first plate was served, I handed over to the man of the hour “Roald Dahl” (Actor Paul Lucas to shine). He was talking about his personal childhood, his most successful stories in his life & …. his father….

“If a person has ugly thoughts, it begins to show on the face. And when that person has ugly thoughts every day, every week, every year, the face gets uglier and uglier until you can hardly bear to look at it. A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts it will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

Before RD was ending his performance at night – he handed “the magic key” to the Nutopia team. That particular “magic key” was then hidden and will only appear once again throughout the dinner – the lucky finder received a present.

Moving forward to second course & second story: “The Enormous Crocodile” aka “Croc au vin” served local heritage food, Singapore still having crocodile farms, we prepared a crocodile rillet – served in the tin to have a kiddish play on the story. Served on two 4 meter long wood crocodiles – served with sourdough bread. IMG_8441 the crocodile rilletIMG_7748 & WP_20131124_19_56_53_Pro the long wooden crocodile

Story 3 – and dish have been related to “The Witches”. Seeing our diners as our witches of the night – we gave them their own potion to create. Everyone got his own stone bowl with whimsical ingredients like: chicken geezers, rotten rat pebbles, goblin toes, dragon tongues, etc etc – served on giant finger nails (as described on the card below). The actual dish was a take on mushroom bruschetta – everything should be mixed together and eaten on prawns crackers afterwards. Using an dry ice installation to set the table under a floating witching mood. Witchcraft to be full on! WP_20131124_19_54_41_Pro__highresIMG_8442

the witchesWitchcraft….

Moving forward to dish & story number 4 “Matilda”….. Matilda was a pretty young & gifted girl, that always had naughty things in mind… served was Norwegian salmon (cured for 24hours & sous vide by 45 degrees Celsius – giving the fish its butter like consistency) the fish was covered in a blanket of milk (pliable milk film to represent Matilda’s blanket she used to fall asleep with, to be comforted) – served with smoked pepper gel, edamame, cornabria & apple blossoms, nasturtium leaves IMG_8443

After our intermezzo with Matilda it was time to setup some coffee siphons to move on to “George’s marvelous medicine” Creating G.M.M. – we used a coffee siphon, added dried scallops, wolfberries, kombu seaweed, mirin and some katsuobushi to make a clear dashi & served it with a light steamed cod fish with mini zucchini scales. photo 2 Coffee siphon to make dashi

cod scalesphoto 1 Cod and zucchini scales – service staff poured the dashi on top.

“Fantastic Mr Fox” to come….the chicken hunt as related to the original story, we served chicken breast with fennel, fermented black garlic and chicken jus. The plating was related to the story – by making 96 dots of chicken just to represent the holes the foxes were digging, the black garlic to represent stones, carrot & cabbage the the tree where Mr.Fox was living at. IMG_8453 

Main course to come “The BFG – the big friendly giant”                                                     48h braised beef cheeks, octopus, potato, trumpet mushroom, snozzcumber the story related back to the good and evil giants of RD’s story…. serving the plates on puffed up pillows to send our diners into a dream world. Serving the beef with trumpet mushrooms (to relate to the trumpets of the story, where the giants blew bad or good dreams into kids ears & the snozzcumber as the ultimate punishment for all those bad giants. IMG_8314 Our dinning hall…….middle at the main course… eating off the pillow cases…  

After main course was time to have a short palate cleanser. A tribute to all those illustrators that give us those lovely characters on paper. Here we go: the palate / palette cleanser (small word play here)…. IMG_8431  using a glass rim plate to have different types of “sourness” on there (buttermilk, lemon, lime, raspberry, orange) – served with liquid cassis sorbet in the center. The sorbet was lastly frozen with liquid nitrogen and served to our diners with a frozen steam cloud….. IMG_8430 some to go…..

Looking into course number 9 – it was time for a time out…. Handing over some picnic baskets with helium balloons. IMG_8452 Ready to serve picnic basket photo 3 This course was not related to any of RD’s stories – this course was a tribute to life & family. Take a TIME OUT! life isn’t all about work… enjoy the little things in life. Jungle beer, Camembert cheese, pretzels, grapes, homemade chutney  – to discover. This was when one of our diners then discovered the “MAGIC KEY” introduced 2 hours ago by our actor Paul Lucas (aka Roald Dahl of the night). The lucky finder could then use the key to open RD’s inheritance box….. It will stay a secret what was in there! IMG_8252 Nutopia collaborated with Jungle Beer (a Singapore produced beer. Check it out  http://www.junglebeer.com/)

Moving on to the first dessert of the night “James and the giant Peach” …. a fruity discovery. Seasonal fresh peaches, infused with vanilla – cold confit. Served with different textures of peach… espuma, freeze dried crisps, nitro drops – served with a sugar infused crosne (chinese artichoke) to represent the little worm that started the whole story…. IMG_8455 the giant peach & it’s worm-ling………IMG_8339 Crosnes (Chinese artichoke)

Course 11, Story 11 – a short story about “THE TWITS” One of my person favourite stories as an adult (story is certainly sarcastic). The twits was represented by 2 dishes (1. Whisky gums / 2. Coconut espuma with passion fruit caviar)

“Once the world stands upside down – then we gonna eat whisky gums & having breakfast at the end of the day…”

the twitswhisky gums & IMG_8454 late breakfast

And as “once upon a time” always starts a story … there will be always an end….here we go, last dish – last story … Story number 12 “Charlie and the chocolate factory” the last story needed to be introduced into 3 parts: Part 1 – the liquid options served for the dinner 1. Chocolate water (credited to Chef Ryan @ Tippling club – http://www.tipplingclub.com) 2. A chocolate tea (credited to Gryphon tea Singapore – who have been very supportive to create such a delicate fragrant for the Nutopia dinner) & 3. a chocolate wine Part 2: The plate – of course only chocolate – in relation to the 7 deadly sins of story. photo 5 the 7 deadly sins of chocolate – including a QR code to bring our diners safely back to reality… IMG_8324  Part 3: the chocolate river that allows our dinners to enter the house of Willy Wonka. The chocolate dome will melt ones the hot chocolate river hits the roof….. below the dome was a vanilla ice cream with fresh blueberries.

Surely there was always enough to drink for those who like to drink alcohol – Austrian Wines and Austrian Gin – and whisky towards the end…. and for those that didn’t drink those – we had a non alcoholic pairing…. IMG_8255

Before our diners left us – there was one last surprise – my personal childhood memory “Yellow Snow”

Thank you for being a part of Nutopia,  a pop-up restaurant. Here is a little gift from my own childhood –”Yellow Snow”. I hope to have inspired you to relive some of your childhood as you leave the Roald Dahl dinner. Sadly, we have to go back to reality as responsible adults confine to the imagination of our society. In the imaginary world of a kid, yellow snow is incredibly interesting but, as our parents always warn us….”never eat yellow snow!” If you haven’t seen yellow snow, you are in luck! And if you haven’t tasted yellow snow, no pee-ty, you are even luckier! I assure you my little gift of “yellow snow” is safe. It is made from white chocolate and Maltodextrin. Simply remove the “snowy” powder from the bag and place it on a plate. Next, with your imagination, squeeze the tube of yellow liquid, made from Mango, onto the plate of “snow” as all little boys would….…..

Bon appétit! Stephan Zoisl www.nutopia.asia

And then, is only one more thing to do…. enjoy the night…. close the doors & wait till we open once again for Nutopia. IMG_8272 Thanks for all the support. See you in 2014. Here is the link for a video of 1 whole day operation 10am-1am – 15hours, cut into 3minutes 19seconds.

NUTOPIA part 2: “…thru time and space”

Nutopia(Black bg) -01



Nutopia, a very different culinary concept, creates dinners beyond a simple menu. Influenced by a specific theme every time, Chef Stephan Zoisl will creatively showcase his interpretation of the theme through his food in the most unique dining venue. The food will focus on seasonal produce, unusual presentation and modern cooking techniques to boost an unforgettable dining experience that will not be found anywhere else. Each dinner series promises to bring its diners on a sensory journey to a different world.

The second pop up dinner will be hold between 05th till 14th July and will be holding the theme of “…thru time and space…”

The menu is based on 15 courses / nibbles & an installation is planned as well. Music will introduce the big bang & will lead the diner from 10,000BC, over ancient Egyptian influences, looking into the Persian empire around 650BC, a strive to medieval times, fighting alongside Joan de  Arc, having dinner with Marie Antoinette in 1773, looking into current present of our generation & will end with another big bang for the future.


We printed a 9 meter long wall to introduce every upcoming dish & time era of the night.

Photos accordingly to time era (including dates) have been included – as well the key words for every dish to represent the menu.

Image0001 Table setup & briefing.

Panorama photo of the menu – before the first dinner.


Dinner starts: 15 courses to go. Join me for a time travel of a couple of billion years @ NUTOPIA “…thru time and space”…..

PS: the dinner had visual effects beamed onto the ceiling – to give a mood board to all 15 courses. Further to that – all courses had their own musical moments (from noises @ the big bang, Egyptian bells @ Ancient Egypt, folklore guitare @ medieval times, classic music of Mozart @ 1773 Marie Antoinette, Ambient music @ present, futuristic tunes by Amon Tobin @ the 2218 Future till the all goes down with another big bang…. musically introduced by the Kronos Quartett.)

A dinner that used all 5 senses: Taste, Smell, Sight, Hearing & Touch

1st ERA – THE BIG BANG (13.8 Billion years ago) 

Creation of planet earth – planet earth was a solid rock of stone, after transformation from being a fire ball. The first course – “edible stones” should resemble the thoughts of the beginning of our planet.


The visuals shown on the ceiling ….. THE BIG BANG!

1st COURSE: “Stones” potato, eatable clay, garlic aioli

 The big bang: diners to experience the first course, together with the first musical moment and visual mood board on the ceiling.


Edible Stones in closer look (above) and the army of stones ready to serve (below).


2nd ERA – MESOZOIC times (235-65.5 million years ago….)

In times where dinosaurs were ruling the planet & humanity still didn’t exist, the 2nd course offered a pure vegetarian treat. Dinosaurs 1 vs Humanity 0

DSC01351MESOZOIC times … did-an-asteroid-doom-the-dinosaurs_64137_600x450

2nd COURSE: “Vegetarian Pot” avocado, olive soil, oyster leave


Vegetarian pot – avocado, butter croutons, char grilled capsicum – topped with olive soil & dukkah / oyster leave and pebbles of roasted peanuts.

OYSTER LEAVES, oyster leaves can be found growing wild on the coast of Scotland. It’s fleshy leaves are rich in flavour – that reminds on oysters, anchovies, mushroom and borage.


Ready to serve the mini pots…….

3rd ERA – 88,888 BC (Our ancienter – the Neanderthal)

In times where humanity has appeared in rare forms, and animals like the deer (one of the first ones to settled down on planet earth, long time before cows or chickens appeared) … at those times human didn’t know how to use fire, nor did we understood anything of the “maillard reaction” (browning meat). Meat was meat and if it was served – definitely cold and raw!


3rd COURSE: “Raw meat” – Venison tartare, mustard, shallot, wasabi, nasturtium leaves


4th ERA – 10000 BC “Working with the first crops”

10000 BC focused on the first crops. Nuts were one of the most important crops in  food history. Therefore did the 4th course of the night take its inspiration from almonds.

10 Prehistorical cave paintings

almonds-on-an-almond-treeAlmond tree

4th Course – “Almond” light foam (espuma) of almond creme, oscietra caviar

Image Almond espuma served with dry ice installation (background) to enhance the smell on the table.

IMG_6086Floating table, visual effect on the ceiling & musical moment from Giardini di miro).

5th ERA – 4000/3000 BC – The era of bread, fermentation and shaved ice

The 5th era concentrated on the cultivation of yeast, the area of fermentation (to create new ways of baking bread and creating alcoholic drinks) – as well on ice cream. In those times it was more or less frozen blocks of ice covered in honey & shaved…

3.1.4_fungi_2  Yeast bacteria under microscope. food_wheet  One of the most essential crops of all times “wheat” … wheat the keystone to baking.

xl_1377_bread-tp Bread in its final stage – ready for consumption

5th Course – “Bread &  Ice cream” crisp sourdough bread, yeast extract, foie gras ice cream

Image  served in a stone bowl – to fit the time era.


In times were Cleopatra was ruling the country (world) – nothing more is popping in our minds than “luxury” and “gold”.

AncientEgyptDailyLifeDomesticPic_large Cleopatra  Cleopatra / Pretty, power full, rich & deadly dangerous.

ilus_stand_spice_saffron Saffron – the most expensive ingredients on planet earth.

6th course – “Saffron & Gold” saffron risotto, half boiled quail egg, gold leave (22k)

IMG_6545Saffron risotto served on golden plate. Using best grade of saffron to achieve best flavours and deep dark yellow colour.


the next dish was inspired by middle eastern culture & one of the most important crops of those times “Corn”.

alexander-the-great-persian-dagger-of-darius-by-marto  The Persian army – one to fear!Photo mais2  Maize (Corn, blue corn, Indian corn)

7th COURSE – “Corn” corn textures, joselito ham (jamon bellota), chives

The dish had 3 textures of corn (1. custard of corn on the bottom – infused with onions, garlic and milk / 2. roast maize kernels in butter with joselito ham, chives and corn creme / 3. roast mini maize kernels – to give it a look like cous cous (as cous cous is one of the classic middle eastern produce – a small play on the time era).



Caesar, the Colosseum and the big Roman empire have been the next inspiration of the dinner. Roman have been known as well eaters & a kind of refined cooks. A feast of Caesar must have been an interesting and expensive feast. Next to come – Crustaceans / in our case “Lobster”.

colloseum  The Colosseum index_romans_large The strong hand of a leader…. CAESAR.

8th COURSE “Lobster, crab & shrimp”

A delicate soup of lobster soup (Bisque) served with a crab-meat, butter poached lobster, fried Qwehli prawns

Image lobster, crab-meat and prawns … awaiting the lobster soup.

Image Roman plates – to give a more theatrical plating.

IMG_5969Lobster soup, poured into the plate at the table, to assure the soup stays hot.

9th ERA – MEDIEVAL TIMES 10-15th Century 

Medieval times was the first period of professional chefs, hired by Kings for their Kingdoms to cook. The most interesting dish: the “Meat fruit” (Inspired by Heston Blumenthal) was chosen for out feast.

The meat fruit, an unusual creation to entertain medieval chefs employers “the kings and queens”. Turning something like a chicken liver parfait into a mandarin orange…- the meat fruit was born.

medieval - king2 “I want my meat fruit!” the king spoke.

9th COURSE – “Meat fruit” chicken liver parfait, mandarin orange jelly

IMG_6517  The meat fruit served on a wooden tray / with a slice of rye bread.

IMG_6452  Meat fruits – ready to serve.

Kitchen is getting ready for the first main courses… get those pots hot!



One of the most iconic woman in history  – Marie Antoinette (1755-1793) to be the inspiration of this time era, to play classical music of Mozart (1756-1791) & the witness of one of the most classic French dishes “Boeuf a la mode”

Marie_Antoinette_Young2 Marie Antoinette

10th COURSE – “Boeuf a la mode” (Beef a la mode) 48H braised beef cheeks, baby vegetable, parsley

One of the first traditional braised beef dishes recorded in recipe books. In this case we took beef brisket (cooked for 72 hours) OR beef cheeks (48 hours). Served with French baby vegetables and potatoes that have been cooked in beef stock. Some parsley and nothing else. No fancy garnish – its still 1773… Authenticity goes first.


72 hours braised beef short rib


48 hours braised beef cheeks / no peeled vegetables (of course washed) – as it was anno 1773…

11th ERA – THE PRESENT (2013) 

2013 – life took a drastic change, 240 years past by… several wars and something called “Computer” changed the world drastically. The dish for this time era was inspired by Chef Stephan’s palate and his favourite ingredients.

5206654269_f672535f92_b banksy-out-of-stock 2015L

Art moved onto the streets of life……

opct_539b158e51d4a4c2a3c7d0e406186978c4ab58fa Anything can be beautiful …. HERAKUT.

twitter-bird-white-on-blue Social media – changing the world… in positive ways? Singapore-skyline-at-night-540x400 Singapore 2013 – our current location of the dinner.

11th COURSE (MAIN) – “LAMB 13” lamb rack, lamb tenderloin, globe artichoke, Jerusalem artichoke, seasonal mushroom (chanterelle mushroom, oyster mushroom)


IMG_6554 Top view – slow cooked lamb rack

12th ERA – Future 2015(L) COCOA

A short jump into future – 2 years ahead of 2013 lies the dish that will not change its concept (might in appearance and texture). The chocolate test is a dish that Chef Stephan started to serve in 2011.

The concept; different types of cocoa percentages & arrange them on a plate from the lowest to the highest – to give the customer a chance to immerse himself from milk chocolate all the way to dark bitter chocolate.


Cocoa-beans-ikmage-from-fotobank.ru_  Cocoa fruit, beans and powder.cocoa-powder Chocolate is made from 3 key ingredients: Cocoa butter, cocoa solids, sugar – most likely a 4th ingredient is added (milk)

12th COURSE – “Chocolate test” (33%, 55%, 66%, 72%,80%,85%)

Taking several different textures (6) and 6 types of cocoa percentages. Chocolate that has been used is Valrhona chocolate.

33% Chocolate ganache (milk chocolate 33% with cream) – Texture: Ganache             55% Chocolate powder (55% chocolate mixed with maltodextrin) Texture: Powder             66% Chocolate cake (66% moist chocolate sponge) Texture: Soft smooth sponge             72% Chocolate rice crisp (72% chocolate with rice crisps) Texture: Solid / Crisp                 80% Chocolate mousse (80% classic chocolate mousse) Texture: Velvety / Creamy         85% Chocolate sorbet (85% dark chocolate & liquid nitrogen) Texture: Frozen / Ice

ImageImage The chocolate test: 6 textures / 6 different types of percentages


The 6th texture (sorbet) is frozen with liquid nitrogen at the spot before serving – to give a dramatic ending to the dessert – chocolate vapour.

13th ERA – THE FUTURE (2218)

The upcoming dish was inspired by an older (1973) American movie called Soylent Green. An end time story that was showing New York in the year of 2022 – with a population of 40 million….  and not sufficient food – till the Soylent Green became available on the market. For more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soylent_Green OR the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?hl=en-GB&gl=SG&v=SVpN312hYgU

Image “Soylent green is human”soylent green 2218  Some things can get out of control.

13th COURSE “Soylent green” soy milk & green tea custard, pistachio

This custard was done without any sugar – pure soy milk and green tea, covered with fresh pistachios. To be served with a small medicine bottle (Soylent green). Soylent green is liquid white chocolate milk. Sweet up your life with Soylent green.




…..its unpredictable…. the thought behind the next course, predication is not possible…

domo-rules-the-world - the end THE FUTURE?  predictions_NP   unpredicteble future1unpredicteble future

14th COURSE – The unpredictable Future

Dish: Yuzu Nitro (yuzu & egg white foam) – frozen in liquid nitrogen. Served with white strawberries (pine berries).

Image    IMG_5974

White Strawberries (known as pine berries):


15th Time era: THE END…..

everything will end one day….  We ended our dinner the same way as we started it – with a BIG BANG….

(Musical introduced by the kronos quartett “summer overture”)


ImageImage The Big bang!!! ImageImage Our little sweet treat –

chocolate truffle with pop rocks….

Image Chef’s designed business card: http://www.2015L.com

Every diner got a printed copy of the menu.


The next & upcoming Nutopia dinner will be held from 22. November till 1st December & will be a “tribute to Roald Dahl”….. the tickets will be ready for sale in late September. Check it out on: http://www.nutopia.asia

Toward creativity!!!!

ALINEA (Chef Grant Achatz, Chicago, US)

ALINEA – Toward creativity!

  “The word alinea refers to the copy editor’s symbol for a new paragraph—or new train of thought.”

Alinea (Chef Grant Achatz) is driven by perfection – to achieve the most creative “creations” possible to put on a plate. Very sophisticated – a drama from start to end. That’s why this restaurant is unique and deserves his 3 Michelin stars.

We arrived at 5.30pm for our reservation – have been greeted at the door, reservations will be checked via Ipad outside the building. The door opened – to teleport us into the another world – the world of Chef Grant Achatz.

Once inside, we encounter a glass floating in water – filled with its first flavour encounter “LEMONADE, wine chime”. The entrance hall has been laid out with grass – maybe an interpretation of Chef Achatz to showcase the green side of Chicago (just a joke!). Moving towards the end of the hall – putting down the glass – a slide door will open, where the personal experience will start. The service staff is awaiting us, to bring us to our table. (Small info – Alinea has 2 service turns at night, about 80 covers per day, more or less – no lunch service. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)

We are served champagne and wine throughout the night – nothing I will be going into details – all wines have been top. Best of the best that night – a Pinot Gris from the winery Chehalem. (We have been to the Aviary a night before – therefore alcohol wasn’t much desired that night at Alinea).

The Food:

 There are no table cloths, what I personally like – a proper wooden table instead. On our table – 2x Ice holes set in stones. (the ice holes are made daily by the chefs). The preparation for the first amusebouche.

The next 3 small photos should show the first amusebouche “STEELHEAD ROE, peach, St. German, kinome” 1. Server will bring a test tube filled with the ingredients, placing the tube into the hole. 2. The whole is filled with a peach distillation 3. Suck it up.


Next amusebouche to follow, a more complex one: served on a wooden log covered in seaweed. There have been 4 items be served at once. “OYSTER LEAVE mignonette” / “KING CRAB, passionfruit, heart of palm, allspice” / “LOBSTER carrot, chamoille” and last and my person favourite of that installation, “RAZOR CLAM, shiso, soy, daikon”  The oyster leave served with mignonette

 King crab with passionfruit, heart of palm and allspice  Lobster with carrot and chamomille

 Razor clam with shiso, soy and daikon.

After an very interesting sea introduction – the first of the Crucial detail serving ware was brought to us. The antenna. “WOOLY PIG, fennel, orange, squid” (3rd amusebouche)  to be eaten without any utensils or hand – pop it!

After such an interesting start – we came to our first course:

“TOMATO – watermelon, chili, basil”  Ripe heirloom tomatoes from the US, served with watermelon granite, chili, different types of basil in different textures, dried red onions & edible flowers.

Second course was one of the outstanding ones regarding flavour boost

“CORN, huitlacoche, sour cherry, silk” 

Followed by our third course – my personal favourite – great combination of flavours!

“OTORO, thai banana, sea salt, kaffir lime” The otoro (tuna belly) is cut into small dices and covered by the kaffir lime foam, sea water foam and compressed cucumber.

Next course – “CHANTERELLE (mushroom), ramps, asparagus, smoked date” the dish is served on hot stones, onto a wooden smoked slate (oak-wood – burned in the kitchen to give the customer a smokey flavour on the table, to combine the dish.

Course 9 – one of the dishes who have been served for a longer time, as the dish is very successful. “HOT POTATO, cold potato, black truffle, butter”   a hot and cold sensation!

Main course to follow; “LAMB,……….?????………!!!!!!!!!!!!!” served on 2 plates. The lamb is plated in front of the customer – served with the special glass plate with 60 different flavours. To finish one of these plates takes more then 80 steps…  Lamb prepared in 3 ways. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSygdcskpFw LAMB 86 (a short video of the plating)

Course 11 – another dish who have been served for a longer time, as the dish is very successful. “BLACK TRUFFLE explosion, romaine, parmesan”  The ravioli has a warm truffle liquid inside – will burst once eaten.

Next was the cheese course: “ANJOU PEAR, onion, brie, smoking cinnamon” Pear jelly (pectin) with brie cheese and confit onions – fried in tempura, on a cinnamon stick ….. surrounded by the smell of cinnamon. Served in Crucial detail serving ware. (http://crucialdetail.com/ – designed by Martin Kastner)

Palate cleanser: “GINGER, five other flavours”  Ginger -served on stylish Crucial detail serving ware.

Dessert number 1 / Pre Dessert to come….

“BLUEBERRY, buttermilk, sorrel, macadamia” This dessert is genius – the glass ware has a deep bowl in the center, with a small lid (not seen on the photo) – the chefs will poor liquid nitrogen into the center – when the dish arrives at the table – the lid is shaking – once released the cold air will shoot out and evaporate. Served with a metallic straw – the liquid feature (sorrel) is eat/drinkable and supports the main dessert on top of the glass plate/rim. Blueberries in textures, as well buttermilk – served with sorrel and macadamia nuts. Fantastic dessert!

NEXT – The gimmick of the night – another show killer…(in a positive way!)

“BALLOON, helium, green apple” the string is made of apple, the balloon is made from sugar topped with dried apple powder…. filled with helium. It’s a kind of fun dish… as we all know what happens once we inhale helium.

And last but not least (as we still got tea after dessert) – Le Grand Finale!

Last and final dish/dessert – the most memorable one. Prepared by the chef himself – Grant Achatz. “WHITE CHOCOLATE, strawberry, english pea, lemon”  The service team will prepare the table / place a kind of silicon mat onto the table… then, time to wait for the chef.

(the video i have uploaded shows Chef Grant Achatz in action – it gives a better understanding on what happened that night – to showcase the person / chef. I was not able to capture chef and food on our table) the result…….lots of textures… lots of flavours…

“WHITE CHOCOLATE, strawberry, english pea, lemon” Alinea is a progressive restaurant what challenge the boundaries of cooking. Modernist cuisine at the top of the game!  Lastly, a small video from Alinea (its a bit older – but shows how the place is buzzing).

A big thanks to Chef Grand Achatz, Nick Kokonas and the full team of Alinea.

DINNER by HESTON BLUMENTHAL @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hyde Park, London

…once upon a time…. there was a self-taught chef, who’s thoughts were a bit different from the others…he opened a place called “fat duck” – where he cooked more scientifically and created some “out of this world” dishes…a place – some people call it the wonderland of food or the chocolate factory of the new Willy Wonka….once he gained 3 Michelin stars for his place (well deserved)… he decided to think more about his heritage…ENGLAND. hmm,…not really the most famous country to think about food!?…Most people would say Fish&Chips, Banger’s&Mash or lately even Chicken Tikka Masala….BUT that has changed big time the last 20years… Yeap, England is a country with stunning new places & outstanding food. And on the top of that list – yes, it’s Heston and his approach to new methods and techniques. A chef who has been asking “why is it like that”?, “what happens to meat in details, if we sear it…” and so on, and on…a chef who was interested in the details of science & chemistry….Thanks to people/writer/chef Harold McGee – everything was going in the right direction. Heston has inspired many chefs and that is good so. Hopefully the trend continues….it needs more research to proper understand what we eat and how to cook.

…..and now we stop praising the chef, we start talking about food. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London..


The “very grand” entrance of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel….


The Entrance – it’s signature “the pineapple”…. as later seen, spit-roasted!


the more or less simple decor… a bit too posh might be – but hey, we are at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel… It’s grand!


Simplicity in details of decor BUT food & service are lifting the level very high…. so high that the restaurant made a massive impact on the San Pellegrino list. Place 8 in the world of best restaurants… Whoa! that’s a massive kick off for a restaurant!!! What’s the secret??? The food?? – Yes, the service?? – Yes, the entertainment?? – Yes, the unique menu presenting dishes long time forgotten, resembled in a new way?? – YES!

Image Chefs @ work


OH ya – by serving me such a huge glass of Campari orange to kick start the menu – u got me already…


as usual – clever marketing…..


Good bread & artisan butter with sea salt….the usual good start.

This time it was time to eat a la carte – no degustation menu (to much food in the last couple of days)… the trend is going away from fine dining old school eateries,… the new generations wants more stable (home) food… but in a new kinda way…. therefore Heston’s new place is the right place.

We ordered 3starters….

1st dish: – Meat fruit (c.1500) – the famous meat fruit…whimsical and clever! Chicken liver parfait to its perfection, dunk in mandarin gel – served with crisp bread. Good taste & optic is 10/10.


MEAT FRUIT (anno 1500)


the creamy texture of the chicken liver parfait – the gel set perfect…


2nd dish: SALAMUGUNDY (c1720) – chicken oysters, salsify, marrow bone & horseradish creme

Great presentation, great taste – 10 out of 10. That’s a dish I would order over and over again – it hits my personal taste buds, like a formula1 car would hit the wall by 250km/h….the roast tender chicken, the nutty flavour of the salsify, the fat taste from the marrow bone and the strong sharp flavour of the horseradish. Crunchy salad leaves – perfect!

 if someone wonder what chicken oyster are – its the darker part of the above sketch. 2small red meat parts on the back of the poultry near the thigh. Its the most tender and flavourful part of the bird.


3rd dish: ROAST MARROWBONE (1720) – snails, parsley, anchovies & mace, pickled vegetables

preparing snails in marrowbone is genius – lots of flavour!!! It’s a bit health concern eating this dish daily… but in this case – we would love to have more. The parsley, anchovies and mace are additional flavour components and the pickled vegetables and the salad makes it a good combo – as the salad will break the fat from the marrowbone.

Image Image

Info: Mace is a spice – taken from Nutmeg. The mace is covering the seed (nutmeg) – once harvest it will be dried and used as whole or ground.

Now – up to the main courses. We order 1x meat (pork) & 1x fish (turbot) dish…


BLACK FOOT PORK CHOP (c1860) – Hispi cabbage, lardo, ham hock and Robert sauce

Very good ! not much to say. The pork is roast on the charcoal – lots of flavour and tender. The sides are very rich in flavour (it might looks a bit small – but its more then enough). Anytime again.

Robert sauce: chopped onions cooked in butter without giving colour, a reduction of white wine, pepper, demi glace (brown sauce) – finished with mustard


ROAST TURBOT (c1830) – leaf chicory and cockle ketchup

pan seared turbot, leaf chicory and cockle ketchup….great flavours. the cockle ketchup (I assume its more or less fish stock with capers, cockles, vinegar, lemon juice, a bit sugar, chives, Italian parsley, butter and thickened with xanthan gum) – the ketchup give great flavour to the more humble turbot…

….up for dessert – as a professional, I just can’t listen to my wife for ones when she said: “i’m full – we better share a dessert” – ends up on my side to have heard: “just go for it”…

I sure ordered 3desserts…


Dessert 1: CHOCOLATE BAR (c1730) – Passionfruit jam & ginger ice cream

hmmm, what to say: dark chocolate (bitter) covered bar – stuffed with passionfruit, chocolate mousse,…served with ginger ice cream. Heavy and rich – a bit too sweet for me, and I don’t think that the combination is that good (sweet, bitter, sour, spicy) – my opinion.


Dessert 2: TIPSY CAKE (c1810) spit roasted pineapple

hmmm, what to say: Its a fresh baked yeast dough cake – soaked in a special alcoholic sauce… what else you want ??? I would order it again.

something similar like a bread & butter pudding but lighter or for Austrian’s (Buchtel’n / Wuchtel’n) would describe it quiet perfect. Served with the spit roast pineapple. Good hearty dessert. Perfect for a snowy winter day. Just miss the Schnapps.

Image the spit roasted pineapples…a cool idea.


Dessert 3: BROWN BREAD ICE CREAM (c1830) – salted butter caramel, pear & malted yeast syrup

hmmm, what to say: I read the menu – It was my first choice. It sounded too interesting, as I have not eaten brown bread ice cream before. The whole dish works, its just a different kind of dessert. Not that sweet & lots of different textures. The yeast is quiet strong – I guess it’s a hard to get most customer to like it – but I was one of them. But I must say – i couldn’t finish it,… 3desserts and the rest of the food before + the couple of menus/dishes I have eaten the days before – slowly showed signs of being overdosed / spoilt by great food, I couldn’t have been more lucky 😉

In the end, we got a rich chocolate ganache / as more or less petit four… First time ever i needed to force myself to eat it – as I wouldn’t give that a miss,… but it was hard…too much food!

We would like to give a big THANKS to Heston & the Dinner Team – for a great meal. We will be back!


VIAJANTE Restaurant in London – Chef of the cuisine “Nuno Mendes”

The restaurant made it this year into the top 100 on the San Pellegrino list, placed 80. Absolutely justified!

The restaurant is located in East London @ the town hall hotel, check out the homepage if you want to know more about Viajante or their team. http://www.viajante.co.uk

let’s talk about food…


the entrance to a very unique and interesting lunch….


Clean & proper kitchen: Well equipment and most importantly, open concept.


Simple clean interior – nothing too fancy. Clean cut.


Snack: Thai explosion – marinated chicken confit between layers of chicken skin. Massive flavours, great taste – perfect to start a meal or have couple of beers with it. The thai explosion will be served without plate – picked up straight from the servers tray, therefore it needs to be eaten with the fingers (no cutlery). I think that’s great – as we have lost the sense of eating with our hands in fine dining places.


1st Amusebouche: Puffed amaranth with sorrel

Interesting textures (crisp, powder, gel, fresh leaves). Again, no cutlery – get your fingers dirty….


2nd Amusebouche: Squid and its own ink

Fresh & delicate! Nothing much to say about it.


3rd Amusebouche: Young potato with bacon, yeast & olive

A very interesting combination – especially the yeast creme. Everything goes very well together. Its one pop in the mouth / a kind of explosion of flavours on the palate.


Once more, to be eaten with its fingers…. the yeast creme is finger-licking good!


Bread was served after amusebouche… that’s the way bread should be served. Wooden board – freshly baked from that morning – served with 2different types of spreads.


Butter with walnuts & black olive…


…and brown butter with pork floss (crisp) & bacon bits! Want more!

Only after that – we actually started our lunch (chosen the 6course menu for Lunch). Viajante offers a 3 & 6 course menu for lunch / 9course only on request. Dinner is 6 or 9course.


1st Course: Pea custard with morels and green aspargus

A light and simple tasting delicious salad. The freshness of the products can be tasted very strongly at Viajante.


2nd course: Crab-meat with egg yolk and rhubarb

One of my personal favourites. Great texture between the egg yolk and the crab-meat, the rhubarb gives its tangy & sour flavour to it.


3rd course: Bream with dill chicory and fennel caramel

My favourite dish on this day. the texture of the bream was absolutely perfect. crisp on top, a bit raw (sashimi style) on the other side. the fennel and chicory flavours were great & lots of different textures. Memorable!


Kitchen team – relaxed but fully concentrated.


4th course: Turbot with spring vegetables and mussels

A very complex plating – fresh spring vegetables / a perfect cooked turbot (very fresh!) and a sauce / foam of mussels (not in the picture). Good stuff!


5th course (main): Lamb with goats curd and black quinoa

Great dish!!!! the lamb was cooked to perfection via sous vide – curd, quinoa & sauce – everything was spot on and worked well together.


Pre Dessert: Pickled & raw cucumber granite with milk sorbet

A great refreshing – as by then we had already 9dishes + bread and butter. I liked the combination between the cucumber and the milk – its rather simple but exactly this fact makes this dish a success.


Dessert: Jerusalem artichoke ice cream, frozen pear with cider and pecans, chocolate soil and orange segments (freshly frozen in liquid nitrogen)

An surprising dessert – long time ago that I have eaten Jerusalem artichoke ice cream (i’m a big fan of Jerusalem artichoke / topinambour / sunchoke). Very interesting components – I liked it very much / a little bit to much, as I finished another portion of it, as my wife realized that she has eaten already too much. A small feedback in the end – the dessert had dried pears or something similar – anyway, thru the temperature of the ice cream, the texture of this particular dried item became so hard, that it became unpleasant.


Last finish touches…


Petit fours for the end: Chocolate truffles with porcini flavour (very interesting combination).

It was a memorable lunch – a lunch i’m looking forward to have again, maybe next year – a different season, to follow the progress of Nuno Mendes.

A big THANKS to Nuno Mendes and his team – we had a great lunch at Viajante, should we be back in London, we definitely will be back again.

St.John Restaurant & Bar (Fergus Henderson) @ London

A quick dinner at St.John….

St.John (Fergus Henderson) is famous for its simple, straight forward food. Great seasoning, great execution – great place.

The place is an all day kinda feeling place. No matter how dressed, how old – or with kids – St.John offers everything.

We came after an 4 1/2 lunch – not that hungry anymore (as I guess, quiet understandable…) But once in London – St.John is a must!

Simple setting & great vibe. Waiters are talkative and joking ard… A place to get drunk & to enjoy stable (home) food with great company. St John does not know the word “stiff” – its more or less a big eater place of fun.

A bread basket with butter and sea salt is served upon arrival…




we were surrounded by people who celebrated birthday, a wedding was going on, family reunions, friends who met to hangout on a Friday night, couples who dated,…. A good mix…


Cockles, bacon & lavabread – gosh! – It wasn’t my choice but I would have loved to finish it straight away. Once served…It took only seconds to understand that we will be served damn tasty food. No chance to take a photo in the first place…to good !


The famous roast bone marrow with parsley salad – nothing much to say; it’s delicious! it’s bone marrow! Bone marrow, salt and parsley salad – nothing wrong about it, except the part that its quiet a bit unhealthy,… a bit.


Not a nice shot, but – that’s the cockle dish once more. Crisp bread, soaked in all that marination with crisp bacon and cockles. I would order it one more time! ahh, maybe two times, 3times, 4times,…… its that good.


When the cuttlefish made it onto our table, I couldn’t get the photo fast enough (for the second time), damn good that cuttlefish. Braised cuttlefish with redwine & aioli. Cuttlefish was tender and full of flavour – the aioli is homemade and has the right kick of garlic,…good that there is always bread on the table. Soak up the juices from the plate, with some aioli sauce and – i’m in foodie heaven.


A simple side salad – fresh market lettuce, might a bit to big leaves – but hey, I got a sharp knife…no complain at all. Crisp lettuce & and well marinated.


Simple greens as a side – freshly cooked. Huge portion. I finished the whole bowl – i’m a big fan of greens!


Roast Middlewhite & white beans – simple, delicious & crisp skin !!! Good stuff!

… after that,…no more – dessert! would have loved too, but after such a long day of eating (putting on 2kg on a day) – it was time to rest,…fall asleep in the cab…. Good Night!

A bit THANKS to the team of St.John – we will be back again, but next time I would make sure I haven’t eaten that much before.

St.John is an institution – having their own bakery, bar, restaurant,….. its almost like a life style! Hope they continue all the way.

Time to rest,…as the next days lunch will be at Viajante (Nuno Mendes) – one of the best meals in 2012! Report will be up soon, maybe already out. Check it out!